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Dynamic Digital Advertising

One of the first totally digital advertising agencies. We can offer your business a combined marketing plan of print and internet. Create fully integrated company branding both on and offline. Become a double-threat to your competitors by taking advantage of the entire market: both established avenues of print catalogs, brochures and posters - and brand new territory in uncharted cyberspace.

Follow the links to see examples from our portfolio:

Print and Graphic Design - brochures, catalogs, letterhead, packaging, and trade show graphics. (this page is graphics intensive, it may take a while to download)

Digital Photography - see our gallery of digital photography work.

Web Design - click here to see a sampling of web pages we've designed.

E-Commerce - browse a few of DDA's online stores

Site Hosting and Maintenance - not just website hosting, but a variety of services and maintenance with a personal touch

Flash Web Technology:

Viewing these sites requires the Flash 4 plug-in. They may take some time to download, so please be patient.

Digital Video and Multimedia

Whether for corporate videos, new product launches, CD-ROMS, or the internet, digital video is now available at a price that is affordable for companies of all sizes and budgets. Best of all, the video capture, editing, and special effects are 100% digital. No loss of quality, as with analog footage, which is "digitized" to a computer for editing before being returned to tape. High quality without the high cost.

3D and Animation - (this page is graphics intensive, it may take a while to download)

Virtual Reality:

DDA's virtual office tour

DDA Timeline
1994 Dynamic Digital Advertising is born. One of the first totally digital advertising agencies. Initial services include scanning, photo manipulation, copy writing and layout. Catalogs, brochures, and posters all become growth categories for DDA.
1995 Internet design and web hosting is added to the list of digital services. Innovations and accomplishments included dual monitor size pathways, interactive site maps, and the development of the world's largest online jewelry catalog.
1996 Digital and traditional photography are brought in-house. Breakthrough technology, first generation image quality, no scanning required. High-end image capture at 30 to 50% less than the price of most commercial photography.
1997 Multimedia development on CD-ROM and the internet is added to the list of DDA services. 3D modeling of almost any object also becomes an important part of the disciplines practiced at DDA. CAD drawings or other reference materials serve as the basis for the creation of photo-realistic images where no original exists.
1998 Animation and virtual reality become the next digital frontier conquered by DDA. A virtual walk-through of a factory or home. New worlds existing only on a computer hard drive or the internet. Advanced technology available to any company with a modest budget and a desire to stand out from the competition.
1999 HDTV quality digital video for broadcast, CD-ROM, VHS, and of course the internet. A full-service studio and digital editing suite with studio lighting and audio. From streaming video to corporate video to broadcast commercials - total video service, totally digital.
2000 Convergence of everything digital under one roof. The most comprehensive offering of internet design and development services anywhere is at Dynamic Digital Advertising today!

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