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"Let us host your site on our dedicated NT server."

Search Engine Submission
Activity Reports

Site Hosting and Maintenance

DDA doesn't just give you a website -- we maintain it. We can host your site on our own dedicated NT server, help you keep it up-to-date, submit it to major search engines so customers can find you, give you monthly activity reports, and add features to expand and improve your site.

Search Engine Submission

A common question:
Why can't you get my site listed in the top ten of every search engine?

The answer:
The methods used to list sites vary from search engine to search engine. Promoting sites on them can be a full-time job on its own; there are entire companies that do just web site promotion. Competition can be stiff, with the number of websites growing every hour.

However, there are ways to improve your search engine rankings. Targeted title, description, and keyword tags in the HTML code of your site are major factors, as well as the text content and hyperlinks on your site, especially the first page. Which engines you submit your site to is important, and how often. DDA will give your site every advantage we can, so that customers can find you online.

Why not submit my site to all 300 or so search engines?

The answer:
Simple- it isn't cost-effective. The top ten search engines are used by the vast majority of people, and the Yahoo! search engine takes up the lion's share of the top ten. Since nearly all internet traffic comes from these top engines, it doesn't make sense to waste time and money submitting to every engine in creation, no matter how obscure. Careful placement in the top engines is a cost-efficient way to ensure constant internet traffic to your site.

Activity Reports

How many visitors is your site getting? How many hits? What pages are they looking at? How did they find you? What days and times are busiest? Find out all this and more in a monthly activity report for your website. A valuable tool to measure the traffic to your site.

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